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Terms Conditions
  • Your admission for the course is purely provisional.
  • The foundation has the right to disqualify a student when his / her number of absents for the tests conducted by the foundation exceeds two.
  • A student is dismissed / suspended from attending the classes if he / she has a record of 3days absents during the course.
  • Please note that if at any stage, it is found that you don’t satisfy the terms and conditions as given or information furnished by you in the registration is incorrect , your candidature is liable to be cancelled forthwith with such further action as the foundation would like to take.
  • You should ascertain exact location of the venue well in advance of 15 minutes every day.
  • Please note that the candidate coming late or without identity card will not be allowed to the classes / tests.
  • If you adopt any unfair means or malpractice or commit any misconduct while appearing for the courses, your candidature is liable to be summarily cancelled; moreover you may be liable to penal action.
  • Anyone found to be disclosing , publishing, reproducing , transmitting, storing or facilitating transmission and storage of test/material content in electronic devices , destroying the property, or found to be in unauthorized possession is likely to be prosecuted.
  • No recommendations at any stage before, during or after will be entertained.
  • Students should adopt positive thinking all the time.
  • The coaching venues are Vijayawada, Nandigama, Eluru, Guntur, Machilipatnam. Each student has to enroll to one venue only, which is nearest to him/her.
  • Please note that students once enrolling at a venue, shall not permit to attend the classes in other venue.
  • Each student has to pay Rs.700/only (which is nonrefundable) which covers the total material and daily tests expenses for the entire coaching.
  • A full day programme, starting from morning to evening is going to be held every day, so every student has to carry their lunchbox.
  • Programme includes a full day schedule i.e Teaching classes, daily Tests & Explanation and Motivation & Personality development classes.
  • The management does not claim any responsibility for the belongings of students or visitors.

ABOUT vision

    VISION Foundation is a Non - Profit Organization, which is aimed at Poor/Orphan students whose talents and potentials are underlying, ill considered by the society, family and others and who lay in vulnerable conditions.

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Vision Foundation

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